About this project

In 2016 I spent a number of months with some friends recreating the screens from the movie Oblivion. This was purely a fan-film based project that relied on us recreating the User Interface panels from the movie, based heavily in part on reference images we received from the film and from fan forums we located around the web. The fun part about this project was that once we had recreated the art and animated it, we then created scenarios that match up with events that happened in chronological order as they happened in the film. It was really interesting to try and guess what Tom Cruise was doing in the film or where the drones may be flying in all of the screens. We did our best to try and make an extension of what was happening in the film Oblivion. This was a terribly complicated project for me to animate, but a really fun none the less. 


Rebel Scum


Animation: Patrick Flaherty
3D Modeling & Animation: John Lee
Graphic Design: Zac Saathoff & Jay Wise