About this project

In 2020 I oversaw the production of an updated intro sequence for the Modern Workplace series. For this particular project, we partnered with the Studio Ranger & FOX to make the update.

Microsoft’s web series ‘Modern Workplace’ takes a deeper look at what modern businesses are doing to stay on the cutting edge of productivity and efficiency. The 2020 season showcases how contemporary businesses are using technology to transform their workplaces and culture, and how they’re staying secure in the ever-changing digital environment. We tasked Rander & Fox with creating a brand new show package that would encapsulate the overall ‘transformative’ theme.

With the theme of this season being ‘transform,’ our approach was to create a physical representation of the evolving business landscape. The surface is constantly rotating, shifting and sliding to reveal new information and drive the story. The surface is always alive, filled with energy, and exists in a full graphic form or subtly behind the footage, where it can flip and rotate to bring on supporting show package elements.


Motion Graphics and Editing oversight


Post-production Supervisor: Patrick Flaherty
Executive Creative Director: Sue Boivin

Creative | Design | Direction: Ranger & Fox
Design: Jonathan Larson, Nicole Choi
Animation: Jonathan Larson, Nick Scarcella
Music | SFX: Zelig Sound




Preliminary Storyboard by Patrick Flaherty

Revised Storyboard by Ranger & Fox

Work In Progress

Full Toolkit