Hi, I am Pat.

Patrick Flaherty that is, and I am a Freelance Motion Designer & Video Producer based in Wonderful Seattle, Washington. For over 15 years, I’ve been helping businesses and individuals push the boundaries of visual communication. I specialize in video production, motion graphics, and really love collaborating on anything video related.



Case Studies

Alcon Laboratories | Creative Services Video Studio Upgrades

I was brought in as a Video Producer for Alcon in May of 2012. Prior to my arrival, the video projects that were filmed in the video studio and recorded within the audio studio were minimal. A majority of these shoots consisted of talking heads and group interviews. Production equipment was acquired over the years as a necessity such a studio set purchase prior to filming with CEO's, or the purchase of a Tricaster 300 to supplement high editing expenses. My vision for the studio space was to design an environment that allowed us to shoot quality videos in a timely and efficient manner, as well as creating a space that was welcoming and easy for talent to utilize on a daily basis. From my tenure at Alcon (between 2012 - 2017), I designed a plan that completely changed the face of the studio and thus allowed us to net over 300 videos a year in the space. Read More...